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How the Monte Carlo Event Generation is Done


What is Madgraph?
Downloading and Setting up Madgraph
Source Code Alterations
Example Madgraph Output for Z->bb 


What is Pythia?
Downloading and Setting up Pythia
Source Code Alterations
User Guide
Example: Output for Z->bb


What is PGS?
Downloading and Setting up PGS
Source Code Alterations
User Guide
Example: Output for Z->bb

 Combining Madgraph/Pythia/PGS
Using the software together
Example: What a tb event looks like at each stage
Example: What a tt event looks like at each stage


How the Analysis is Done: Using ROOT

What is ROOT?
Installing ROOT
Written Source Used
Running the Source Code



Links to Software Used for Analysis

Madgraph homepage:
Pythias website:
Pretty Good Simulation (PGS) Website
ROOT website:







Madgraph color flow study

 JEF Studies - Examining the Jet Energy Flow idea
  Sample Plots


 Preliminary PGS studies are here: 
 uux > z > bbx
, uux > z > tau taux
  uux>Z>mu+mu-, pp > W+ > e+ve
  pp > Z > e+e-, uux > ZA > ddx
 w + jet
, tt > evebbxudx


Willenbrock Paper Comparison Madgraph calculated cross-sections for single-top compared with 98 Willenbrock Paper
Creating Dirac fermions, Z bosons, and spin-2 KK particles Modifying the Madgraph code
Varying Renormalization, Factorization Scales, CKM Changing various Madgraph parameters.
plots for w-gluon and tt-bar channels
Specifying Final Helicities
Pythia generation and PGS reconstruction
Color Flow Studies
Cross-sections and Integrating in ROOT
Pythia hang example