ONETOP vs. Madgraph comparisons:

Nota bene:  Madgraph uses CTEQ5l  and ONETOP was using CTEQ3L.

Madgraph files:

ttx (dux)
ttx (eve)

 These studies are all done with no cuts and both scales set to sqrt(s-hat).
 wbb - all diagrams
- with only the 2 gluon diagrams
 wbb - 2 gluon diagram and 3 diagrams with photons
 wbb - all diagrams except gluons

For all 9 nine diagrams in pp>e+vebb~/t/h  :  3.6 pb
For 5 diagrams with only gluons and photons:  3.5 pb
For 2 diagrams with only gluons:  1.8 pb
For all diagrams without gluons: 0.072 pb
This last result would indicate a total cross-section of around 32 pb, which compares favorably with the result from Stelzer, Sullivan, Willenbrock of 33 pb.

tbj - ug_tbj   and gdx_tbj

Total cross-sections
With no cuts and done at Renormalization and Factorization scales set to: Mtop  (except Wbb, which is sqrt(s-hat))  Madgraph uses CTEQ5, and ONETOP uses CTEQ3

Process ONETOP Madgraph
tb 34.6 fb 36.8 fb
tbj 77.8 fb (->64 fb with CTEQ5l) 50 fb
tt 91 fb (presume for eve) 86 fb (for eve) 265 fb (for dux)
Wbb 2.12 pb 3.6 pb (1.8 pb for 2 diagrams)

* cg -> e+vebbxj for t-channel is 0.4 fb, an gsx->e+vebbxj for t-channel is 0.7 fb
** the Willenbrock paper seems to indicate the total cross-section for Wbb should be about 33 pb.  Multiplying the above cross-sections for ONETOP and Madgraph by 2 (CC) * 9 (BR), gives:
Madgraph: 64.8 pb
ONETOP: 39.6 pb

Comparison Plots for Wbb

Sqrt (s-hat):  Madgraph (black) Mean: 126.4  ONETOP (red) Mean: 128.3

Invariant mass of the two b's: Madgraph (black) Mean: 23.6  ONETOP (red) Mean: 24.3

e+ Pt - Madgraph (black) Mean: 33.2, ONETOP (red) Mean: 33.5.  The madgraph total cross-section is significantly higher, but the same shape.

e+ Eta   Madgraph (black) Mean: -0.21 , ONETOP (red) Mean: -0.18

ve Pt   Madgraph (black) Mean: 33.6  ONETOP (red) Mean: 33.4

ve Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.65  ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.66

b pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 15.25  ONETOP (red) Mean: 15.5

 b eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.20  ONETOP (red) Mean: (this graph got messed up)

bx Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 15.1  ONETOP (red) Mean: 15.5

bx Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean:  0.18  ONETOP Mean: 0.22

ONETOP Mystery Plots - What particle (?) does this correspond to?  I don't know...

tbj Comparison

This sample is done on the Madgraph side by combining ug>t>e+vebbxj and gdx>t>e+vebbxj.


This is the same Madgraph plot as is listed below, except in more detail.  This is the jet pt spectrum for both ug>e+vebbx and gdx>e+vebbx..

Newest development:  If I go in by hand and remove the diagram where the gluon splits to two top quarks, then the spike at zero seems to go away.  The following plot is just for ug>e+vebbx.

(The following plots are all for Madgraph events where the jet pt is less than 1.)
Mass of the reconstructed t: (for jet pt <1)  This looks good

Pz of the total system: (for jet pt < 1)  A couple of spikes...

sqrt(s-hat) for the total system: (for jet pt < 1)  Again, spikey.

The energy of the jet (for jet pt < 1)

The plots below are for all events.

e+ Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 38.57  ONETOP (red) Mean: 38.0

e+ Eta Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.26  ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.29

ve Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 50.3  ONETOP (red) Mean: 51.4

ve Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.20  ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.17

b Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 61.3  ONETOP (red) Mean: 61.1

b Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.20 ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.12

bx Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 25.3  ONETOP (red) Mean: 22.8

bx Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: -0.37  ONETOP (red) Mean: -0.39

jet Pt  Madgraph (black) Mean: 43.9 ONETOP (red) Mean: 47.6

jet Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.72 ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.70

ONETOP mystery plots - Again, don't know what these correspond to.

ttx Comparison

sqrts  Madgraph (black)  ONETOP (red)

e+ Pt  Madgraph (black ) Mean: 47.9  ONETOP (red) Mean: 48.4

e+ Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: -0.018  ONETOP (red) Mean: 0.0007

ve Pt  Madgraph (black)  Mean: 57.9  ONETOP (red) Mean: 58.1

ve Eta  Madgraph (black) Mean: 0.0031  ONETOP (red) mean: 0.0019

b Pt   Madgraph (black)  Mean: 69.1  ONETOP (red) Mean: 69.5

e Pt

e  Eta

vex Pt

vex Eta

bx Pt

bx Eta